Student Expectations

Textbook Policy

I know textbook prices suck, so I try to use good textbooks with decent past editions.  Here is my policy:

  1. You can use older editions, but you are responsible for keeping track of the discrepancies. I’ll post chapter titles rather than numbers so you can follow along, but looking at the Amazon preview of the table of contents can help you figure out what you’re missing.
  2. Google Books often compiles all the “previews” across the web, giving you access to a good chunk of the book. This is another way to fill in the gaps.
  3. I choose books carefully, and I usually stick with the same edition for a while so you might be able to get it from former students. Comments are open on this page if you want to find someone to swap with. Many of my students take more than one of my classes and about half of them have textbooks, so this is a viable option.
  4. FYI, I don’t lecture to the book. I expect you to skim each assigned chapter, and then go back and read the stuff that’s interesting in depth.