Deep Cuts, Procrastination

Deep Cuts for the Holidays

Fun Stuff First!
Someone complied some really awesome things that happened this year and it is beautiful (and kawaii).
Into the Unknown from Frozen 2 in 29 Languages
Animals Being Extra – my newest YouTube playlist for when you just can’t

HasanFest December:
Why billionaires won’t save us
Don’t ignore the Asian vote with Andrew Yang and Corey Booker
Growing up Desi (I may have already posted this but oh well)
Bonus: Watch Hasan be super uncomfortable with thirst tweets

OliverFest December
Why Boris Johnson is Horrible (it’s not what you think)
Miss America Pageant (old but fantastic)
Sex Ed – with a celebrity and profanity-laden PSA at the end that you can send to your teen siblings/cousins on the DL.