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First Deep Cuts of 2020!

Heal your brain:

Deep Cuts, Procrastination

Deep Cuts for the Holidays

Fun Stuff First!
Someone complied some really awesome things that happened this year and it is beautiful (and kawaii).
Into the Unknown from Frozen 2 in 29 Languages
Animals Being Extra – my newest YouTube playlist for when you just can’t

HasanFest December:
Why billionaires won’t save us
Don’t ignore the Asian vote with Andrew Yang and Corey Booker
Growing up Desi (I may have already posted this but oh well)
Bonus: Watch Hasan be super uncomfortable with thirst tweets

OliverFest December
Why Boris Johnson is Horrible (it’s not what you think)
Miss America Pageant (old but fantastic)
Sex Ed – with a celebrity and profanity-laden PSA at the end that you can send to your teen siblings/cousins on the DL.

Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Back from the Dead

I’m going to post stuff I’ve referenced in my classes and other things you might find interesting. Not required, but maybe useful.

Patriot Act with Hassan Minhaj: Exploitation in the Video Game Industry

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Bias in Medicine (both treatment and research)

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness (podcast): What is techno-chauvinism? (it’s not exactly what you think – but it links up nicely with Oliver’s piece on bias)

Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Final Edition of 2018

We have collectively survived another semester! Yay us!

For my graduating students, I wish you a joyful graduation and transition into the next phase of life. I have cross posted a piece I wrote about these transitions for my personal site. As you might expect, since you know me, it is not profanity-free, but it comes from the heart. Feel free to read it here:

Unsolicited Advice for my Graduating Students

If you enjoyed or missed my painstakingly curated selection of cute/silly/stupid YouTube videos, you can access it here. Some of them I paid for and may not be viewable. I update it every semester so it will change over time.

I’m compiling a list of documentaries and influential films that I’ll post in the new year. Feel free to email me suggestions.

Thanks to all of you for a great semester!

Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts 10/28/2018

Invisibilia: The Callout – Pretty much everything from Invisibilia is really good. This one is apropos to some of our discussions about callout hashtags like #bbqbecky and enforcing social norms.
Snap Judgement – Really interesting, well-produced stories about unexpected stuff.

Deep Cuts, Procrastination

(not so) Deep Cuts 10/14/2018

Apropos of our discussion about the internet and self-regulation in 347 (and the oncoming train of mid-terms) I give you apps:

Forest – An app that forces you not to jump around to lots of apps on your phone. Might be good if you are procrastinating on writing or coding (I’m looking at you, 358).

Thrive at UT – Developed for the UT Counseling Center. Lots of interesting features. Free.

Gratitude – Claims to “rewire” your brain through encouraging daily gratitude practice. Yeah, no. But I enjoy it and the interface is kind of cool and lets you be artsy with it. I only tend to journal my weirder dreams and stressful moments, so this is more pleasant to look back on 🙂

Stop, Breathe, & Think – One of the many subscription-based meditation apps. This one looks a bit more flexible and affordable than some of the others.

This week in Procrastination:

Hot Ones – A press-tour stop for celebrities where they have to eat increasingly firey wings while being interviewed. Oddly addictive.  Chrissy Teigen is the undisputed king.

Try Channel – No, not the Try Guys. Irish people trying mostly odd foods or watching stuff and swearing in ways that even I haven’t thought of.

Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts 10/7/2018

Project Implicit
This website has a variety of cognitive tests that determine your implicit bias towards different groups of people. Implicit bias is non-rational and often unconscious. Understanding bias can help you be a better critical thinker and ally.

Trevor Noah interviews Tanara Burke, founder of the MeToo movement
MeToo was founded by Tanara Burke in 2006, specifically for people of color who are sexual assault survivors. She talks about the genesis of the movement.

Nannette: Hannah Gadsby
Ground breaking standup by a comedian from Tasmania who faced homophobia and violence in a country where it was illegal to be gay until the 90s. Trigger warning – she’s very funny but it gets super real sometimes as she struggles with the tension between humor and healing.

Register to Vote!

Writing Hacks:
Effect vs. Affect – Grammar Girl
APA example paper
Lots of other stuff already on this website

This week’s edition of “I’m not crying you’re crying” (for Hamilton fans and broadway nerds)

Deep Cuts

Updates and Deep Cuts 10/1/2018


  • My Monday office hours are canceled this week. The Wednesday hour at the GDC will happen as scheduled.
  • 378L, 347, and 358 will NOT have a class meeting on Friday. I will be posting attendance assignments for Friday in the next 24 hours. Enjoy ACL/the OU game/studying/resting. Please check Canvas for your attendance assignment.

Interesting Reading/Viewing/Listening:

Procrastination/Mental Health Moment:


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Deep Cuts 9/24/2018

I’m going to try a new thing – I’ll post a weekly list of interesting stuff: podcasts, news stories, and rando stuff related to coursework and discussions in class. I’ll also post it on my Twitter feed for former students who are interested. Here’s what’s on my mind from the last week:

Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong – Huffington Post
This is a thoughtful article that doesn’t discount health risks associated with obesity, but rather points out that our attempts to curb these risks have been insanely ineffective and are inexorably linked with the prejudice fat people face from the medical community and society at large. My own research bears out some of these findings.

Making Amends – On the Media (audio)
Several perspectives on #metoo including the invisibility of low-income workers who face harassment and a rabbi’s perspective on atonement in the Jewish tradition.

Facing Racism at the Blanton
Day-long program on racism in America.

Book of the Week:
Black Feminist Thought by Patricia Hill Collins

Pod of the Week:
If you don’t have anything to say, say it in ALL CAPS – This American Life
This podcast is from a few years ago, but it figures prominently in my dissertation and subsequent discussion of how negative online interactions can, sometimes, have surprisingly positive outcomes. Sometimes.