Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Final Edition of 2018

We have collectively survived another semester! Yay us!

For my graduating students, I wish you a joyful graduation and transition into the next phase of life. I have cross posted a piece I wrote about these transitions for my personal site. As you might expect, since you know me, it is not profanity-free, but it comes from the heart. Feel free to read it here:

Unsolicited Advice for my Graduating Students

If you enjoyed or missed my painstakingly curated selection of cute/silly/stupid YouTube videos, you can access it here. Some of them I paid for and may not be viewable. I update it every semester so it will change over time.

I’m compiling a list of documentaries and influential films that I’ll post in the new year. Feel free to email me suggestions.

Thanks to all of you for a great semester!

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