Deep Cuts, Procrastination

(not so) Deep Cuts 10/14/2018

Apropos of our discussion about the internet and self-regulation in 347 (and the oncoming train of mid-terms) I give you apps:

Forest – An app that forces you not to jump around to lots of apps on your phone. Might be good if you are procrastinating on writing or coding (I’m looking at you, 358).

Thrive at UT – Developed for the UT Counseling Center. Lots of interesting features. Free.

Gratitude – Claims to “rewire” your brain through encouraging daily gratitude practice. Yeah, no. But I enjoy it and the interface is kind of cool and lets you be artsy with it. I only tend to journal my weirder dreams and stressful moments, so this is more pleasant to look back on 🙂

Stop, Breathe, & Think – One of the many subscription-based meditation apps. This one looks a bit more flexible and affordable than some of the others.

This week in Procrastination:

Hot Ones – A press-tour stop for celebrities where they have to eat increasingly firey wings while being interviewed. Oddly addictive.  Chrissy Teigen is the undisputed king.

Try Channel – No, not the Try Guys. Irish people trying mostly odd foods or watching stuff and swearing in ways that even I haven’t thought of.

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