Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts 10/7/2018

Project Implicit
This website has a variety of cognitive tests that determine your implicit bias towards different groups of people. Implicit bias is non-rational and often unconscious. Understanding bias can help you be a better critical thinker and ally.

Trevor Noah interviews Tanara Burke, founder of the MeToo movement
MeToo was founded by Tanara Burke in 2006, specifically for people of color who are sexual assault survivors. She talks about the genesis of the movement.

Nannette: Hannah Gadsby
Ground breaking standup by a comedian from Tasmania who faced homophobia and violence in a country where it was illegal to be gay until the 90s. Trigger warning – she’s very funny but it gets super real sometimes as she struggles with the tension between humor and healing.

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Writing Hacks:
Effect vs. Affect – Grammar Girl
APA example paper
Lots of other stuff already on this website

This week’s edition of “I’m not crying you’re crying” (for Hamilton fans and broadway nerds)

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