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Deep Cuts 9/24/2018

I’m going to try a new thing – I’ll post a weekly list of interesting stuff: podcasts, news stories, and rando stuff related to coursework and discussions in class. I’ll also post it on my Twitter feed for former students who are interested. Here’s what’s on my mind from the last week:

Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong – Huffington Post
This is a thoughtful article that doesn’t discount health risks associated with obesity, but rather points out that our attempts to curb these risks have been insanely ineffective and are inexorably linked with the prejudice fat people face from the medical community and society at large. My own research bears out some of these findings.

Making Amends – On the Media (audio)
Several perspectives on #metoo including the invisibility of low-income workers who face harassment and a rabbi’s perspective on atonement in the Jewish tradition.

Facing Racism at the Blanton
Day-long program on racism in America.

Book of the Week:
Black Feminist Thought by Patricia Hill Collins

Pod of the Week:
If you don’t have anything to say, say it in ALL CAPS – This American Life
This podcast is from a few years ago, but it figures prominently in my dissertation and subsequent discussion of how negative online interactions can, sometimes, have surprisingly positive outcomes. Sometimes.

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